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CILIP Carnegie and Kate Greenaway Medals: 80 Years of the best children's books

My Home Library has been going for over 15 years now, which seems impressive enough. But in 2017, the Carnegie Medal celebrated a full eighty years a whole lifetime!

Anne Fine thought some of you might like to focus on the winning books over that time: she says "you might spot them in libraries and bookshops, maybe? take a peep? After all, each was considered the very best book of its year. Some seem to have all but vanished. But many are now classics which you'll have read, or seen on bookshelves, or on film.

"The Carnegie Medal honours the Scottish born philanthropist, Andrew Carnegie. He's the great man who endowed so many of our public libraries, and rather wonderfully said, "To die rich is to die disgraced." The prize was established in 1935 by the Library Association, and is still considered the most prestigious award an author for children or young adults can win. (I can't describe to you how proud I am to have won it twice.)

"I've so enjoyed this - the briefest of canters through some of the very best books for young readers of the last seven decades. You can use the links on the right to read them all! Don't forget that, in the main, these were the most cursory of descriptions, and sometimes the most personal of opinions. I do hope that over the next year at least some of you will reach out to the library shelves, muttering, "I recognise that title. Didn't she mention that?" and give one or two of these very, very different books a go. They didn't win our most prestigious children's book awards for nothing. Almost without exception, they are worth your time.

"And don't forget. These prizes are awarded every single year. So when you've finished all of the books we've covered in the round up, there will be more.

"Keep reading!"

Love, Anne